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Selphy range brochure

Taking inspiration from having fun and pastel colors, Creaxis designed a lovely brochure to promote Canon Selphy’s latest range of printers.


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Canon Selphy ES40 – Enjoy creating!

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Who would have thought of using manga illustrations for a photo printer campaign? Creaxis adopted this style for Canon Selphy CP780’s campaign, successfully grabbing the attention from the target audience and public.

The ad.

The brochure.

The standee-cum-brochure-holder.

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The Canon PowerShot D10 camera, a camera meant for the adventurous be the activities snorkeling, snowboarding or even climbing mountains, has three different designs for its front cover set. Creaxis designed a beautiful brochure where the cover featured these three interchangeable covers.

The standee featured the camera suspended in mid-air hanging from a carbine hook. Eye-catching display and the standee was constructed entirely of paper!

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Beyond the ordinary, the standee Creaxis designed for this series of Canon PowerShot cameras (A480 / A1100 IS / A1000 IS) was truly original too. Featuring the superb macro function of the cameras, the standee has a artificial butterfly in a transparent half-dome.

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Already making headlines within the Advertising community in Singapore and gaining lots of good opinion from the general public, few knows that the recent “LIVE” outdoor advertising that Canon did along Citylink under tunnel was actually conceived and produce by – Creaxis Design!”It was particularly Challenging for us, as everything from conceptualization, design & layout, actual directing of the talents and sourcing of the props, leaves us just 3 weeks before setting up the 6 glass panel along that 43m stretch at Citylink undertunnel. The timeline was almost impossible but we make it together with Canon and its suppliers.” said Lester Lim, Creative Director of Creaxis Design.today-20nov.jpg citylink.jpg

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