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Everyone loves this cute camera, available in 3 adorably-named colors namely Vanilla White, Aqua Blue and Cotton Pink! Creaxis designed an incredibly cute brochure for the Canon PowerShot E1 camera. One of the pages has a detachable bookmark in a postcard for the consumer to send a hello to a friend!

We built a pretty standee for it as well.


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Canon Selphy TV Commercial

Our latest TV commercial for Canon Selphy Photo Printer. 

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Outdoor display – Suntec City IT Show 2008

Spreading across 5 pillars and the entire backdrop, Creaxis Design undertook this task for Canon branding at Suntec City during March 2008 IT Show. st1.jpg st2.jpg st3.jpg   

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Research has shown that over more than 60% of all purchase decisions are made in the store. And 50% of those in-store purchases are made on impulse! To capitalize on these – way to go is an Effective POP (Point of Purchase Material). A superbly designed POP is one that is highly effective in persuading potential customers to buy your product NOW.
Creaxis Design has one of the strongest asset/skills in developing custom POPs. Every year, we have been creating hundreds of different POP design & materials for our clients. The key to our success is that we understand and knew our customer business & their marketing objectives, coupled with our strength in developing new and original ideas in custom POP i.e. 3D paper structures, out of box design concepts etc.. Every POP is unique, and every POP communicates that “Come-Take-A-Look-At-Me” voice. There are lots of POP suppliers/design house to choose from and making hasty, uninformed decision and your POP advertising will fizzle. Only few has the combinition of understanding advertising, custom design and capability in mass production of custom POPs. And we, Creaxis Design is one of them in Singapore and probably in South East Asia.





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A Fresh Approach

Creaxis Design, a true home grown design house base in Singapore, with a full service menu of advertising creatives offerings, founded seven years ago, took on a new approach – to adopt the NEW topography of the web – Blogging. Although the concept of corporate weblog is not new, however, company that does not embrace weblogs may find themselves dated. The use of the blog is to document, discuss and update the company’s ideas, thoughts, musings, news, information, and gathering customers’ feedback. In short, we hope to nurture closer ties with our customers or potential clients. In the upcoming weeks, we will be revamping our website to update our latest portfolios and service offerings. We will be extending our invitation to all and most importantly our present value clients to post comments and provide feedback on our work.

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